Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tired Love From NYC

I'm in New York City! We are staying in a hotel by JFK airport, and we aren't go to leave until we fly out tomorrow night, so it doesn't really matter where we are because it doesn't look like much out of the windows.

But we made it safe and sound, I even met three other AFS students from the Seattle area, while I was on the flight, that are going to France and Spain!

Now I'm very exhausted because I was up late packing and trying to get my suitcase to the appropriate weight, but I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my mom. She was up until 2 am with me last night, helping me pack and telling me to go to bed, and then got up at 4 to take me to the airport on her birthday. I love her so much and she's probably missing me a lot right now (also we sent my brother off to college on the east coast just last week). I feel like I had so much more to say, but I have to go because we still have another meeting before bed, and I am soo tired, but thank you thank you to everyone who was so excited for me leaving and was so full of help and support along the way!

We fly to Istanbul tomorrow night!

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