Monday, January 21, 2013

Photos Again!

Come, Follow Us on an Adenvture!
Happy Exchange StudentsBelgian GuestsSweets in a BakerySweets in a BakeryDinnerDinner
Erciyes MountainSugar FactorySugar FactoryJob Safety FirstFreshly Produced SugarSugar Production
Sugar LaboratorySugar LaboratorySugar LaboratoryLaboratuar!View from the Sugar FactoryShredded Sugar Beets
Host MomsSugar FactorySugar FactorySo Many Sugar Beets! pt. 4So Many Sugar Beets! pt. 3So Many Sugar Beets! pt. 2
Friday BazaarFriday BazaarCome, Follow Us on an Adenvture!Simit SellerNuts and Dried Fruit SellerGözleme
Atatürk's HouseAtatürk's HouseAtatürk's HouseAtatürk's HouseAtatürk's HouseAtatürk's House
Kayseri Castleİskender Kebapİskender Kebap LunchHamam (Turkish Bath)Hamam (Turkish Bath)Hamam (Turkish Bath)
Group PhotoRya, Hana and BurakCostumesCostumesOnur and KuzeyLiving Room Dancing
I added 70 more photos to Flickr, under sets called Day 4 and Day 5. You can get there by clicking on the above photos, or the link I've added on the right side bar. To read the explanation of why these photo sets exist again, you can go here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Photos

Acibadem HospitalAcibadem HospitalAcibadem HospitalAcibadem HospitalHanaKayseri City Center
Kayseri City CenterKayseri City CenterKayseri City CenterAtatürk StatueLuce 196Kayseri City Center
Shoe ShinerKayseri CastleKayseri CastleKayseri CastleKayseri CastleKayseri Castle
Kayseri CastleKayseri Archeology MuseumKayseri Archeology MuseumKayseri Archeology MuseumKayseri Archeology MuseumKayseri Archeology Museum
[Day 3, a set on Flickr.]
Here are photos from our third day with our Belgian guests, in which we visited Kayseri’s basketball and football (…soccer) stadiums, a history museum, an archeology museum, an ancient medical school, Kayseri’s city center and the castle in it, a rotating restaurant, a mosque and toured a hospital.
There are some facts and background information in the captions, if you missed the overall explanation of these photo sets, you can check out my last post here.