Monday, October 22, 2012

Frequently Asked

A look into the things my school mates are curious about. Very roughly in order of frequency, but I've been asked them all more than once.

Where are you from?
What is your name?
Which city are you from?
Do you like Kayseri?
Do you like Turkey?
Which do you like better, America or Turkey/ Seattle or Kayseri?
Have you eaten Mantı/ Pastırma/ Sucuk? (Foods that Kayseri is known for: a handmade ravioli-like dumpling, a cured beef, and a type of sausage)
When did you get here?
How long are you here for?
How long did it take to fly here? (People really like asking this, I'm not sure why, I guess it gives an idea of the distance)
Why did you come to Turkey?
Why did you come to Kayseri?
Why aren't you in Istanbul?
Did you choose to come?
How old are you?
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
-How old is he?
-Which university is he in?
-What is he studying?
What are your mother and father's jobs?
Where are your mother and father?
-Do you miss them?
-Do they miss you?
-Do you call them?
Do you miss your friends?
Do you like our school?
How is our school different from your school in America?
-Do you have uniforms at your school in America?
What is your religion?
What is your host family like?
-Do you have any host siblings?
-What are your host parents' jobs?
-Where do you live (in which district of the city)?
Do you know about L.A./ Miami/ Las Vegas/ New York/ Chicago? I want to go there someday; it is a very beautiful city/ my favorite NBA team is there/ I saw a movie about it.
What other language did you study in school?
Why is your hair short?
What Turkish music do you know?
Who is your favorite singer/ what kind of music do you like?
Do you watch tv with your family/ which Turkish soap operas do you watch?
Do you like Justin Bieber/ One Direction/ Rihanna/ Taylor Swift?
Do you know _______ NBA player/ team?
Is German class easy for you? German is very similar to English.

The most frequently asked question, and not just at school: Aren't you cold?

According to my classmates, friends, my host mom's friends, people that come over for dinner, and people whose houses we go to for dinner, being cold equates to getting sick. I'm often being asked where my slippers or sweater are, if I need to blow dry my hair, or if my toes will be okay in sandals on a sunny day in late September. If its brisk in the morning (I admit some mornings have been quite cold, but some I would only classify as 'slightly chilly') people break out thick sweaters and windbreakers.

On days that I didn't consider to be sweater worthy, classmates that I was barely acquainted with would come up to me as I stood in the school courtyard before school started, and ask me if I was cold, followed by questions about Seattle's presumably arctic weather that has made me so cold-loving.
Now, the past few days have been rather cold, but I've taken to wearing a sweater everyday because people get downright worried about me!


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    1. Thank you! I have so many ideas of things that I want to post about, but I don't often have the time and patience, I'm hoping I'll eventually get it together and post more often...

  2. Miranda! Reading this was quite fun because i get some of the same questions here in Spain! :) How are you? Hope everything is going well in Turkey! :)

    1. Benjamin! Thats so funny, but I suppose I would ask mostly similar things too if I met an exchange student!
      I'm having a great time, how are you? I'm so glad you found my blog; I realized a few days after NYC that I didn't know your last name or how to find you.
      We should keep in touch!